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"Le pain gonfle prenant la forme de la main du boulanger.

Le porter à sa bouche c'est comme  serrer la main de qui l'a pétri."

Erri de Luca

"La Baguette" has a rich story to tell...
Baguette is this French long bread, crispy on the outisde and soft in the inside.
Every morning, our boulanger (baker) works hard to prepare from scratch various types of breads and pastries. His knowledge of the process comes from a  specific training in France. He also practiced his skills in French boulangeries (breads & pastries stores)
before settling in Barbados with his wife.

Why Barbados? Because who wouldn't love this island?
After spending some vacation in Barbados, the couple knew
this was the place they wanted to live in!

In June 2019, La Baguette opened its doors to the public, offering a large selection
of breads and pastries, freshly made every day. 
You are welcome to contact us for any special request.

A bientôt ! See you soon!


" Bread blows up according to the shape of the baker's hand. Breaking the bread to eat it is like shaking the hand of the one who knead it."

Erri de Luca

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